Dead Is The New Black by Marlene Perez Review

“Welcome to Nightshade, California—a small town full of secrets. It’s home to the psychic Giordano sisters, who have a way of getting mixed up in mysteries. During their investigations, they run across everything from pom-pom-shaking vampires to shape-shifting boyfriends to a clue-spewing jukebox. With their psychic powers and some sisterly support, they can crack any case!

Teenage girls are being mysteriously attacked all over town, including at Nightshade High School, where Daisy Giordano is a junior. When Daisy discovers that a vampire may be the culprit, she can’t help but suspect head cheerleader Samantha Devereaux, who returned from summer break with a new “look.” Samantha appears a little . . . well, dead, and all the most popular kids at school are copying her style.

Is looking dead just another fashion trend for Samantha, or is there something more sinister going on? To find out, Daisy joins the cheerleading squad.”

Okay let me start off by saying that this is the second time I have read this book c: However, this is the first time that I have written a review on the book. So, the first time I read this book, I was probably 12 or 13, so I read it about 2-3 years ago. And let me just say that at that age, I loved just about every book I read. I still do most times, however I now tend to notice the good and the bad things about books that I read. So let me start off with the good!

For one, I absolutely love this book and the series. Despite it being a short and easy read, I still fell in love with all of the characters and they are just amazing. For me, this book and the next three in the series, will always be one of my favorites.

Secondly, the relationship between Daisy, Poppy, Rose, and their mother is just the greatest! The three sisters are really funny and goof around with each other, but at the same time they still are there for each other. Their mom may not be around all of the time because of her job, but she still loves her daughters more than anything. Also, I thought that it was really interesting how the author named all of the sisters after flowers :)

And thirdly; Ryan. Freaking. Mendez. Ryan is just so asdfghjkl!! He is the sweetest guy ever and he is soo funny. Throughout the first four books (don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything for those of you haven’t read it lol), Daisy and Ryan are just the sweetest and cutest couple ever!

Some other good things I liked about the book was how creative the author was when she created the world of Nightshade. The plot may be slightly cliche, but I feel like the author did put her own twist on all things supernatural in this book.

Now, I’m not going to call these things “bad things” because as a writer myself, I wouldn’t like if somebody said something in my book was “bad” or “terrible.” I would prefer them to use constructive criticism when writing a review, so that’s what I will be doing myself.

One thing that I did not particularly care for was the lack of depth. Despite how much I love this book, I felt like the book did not have very much depth and substance. For example, the character Samantha was a cheerleader but the way she was portrayed to be was bitchy, mean, and rude. I felt that she was a very dry character because one minute she was all nice to Daisy, and the next she was bossing her around and the author never explains to us (at least not in this book guys) why Samantha has went through such a drastic change and why she is the way she is now.

Another thing was that I would have liked more background as to what Daisy’s father did and how her family got all of their physic abilities, rather than having things explained later in the series. I felt that this makes first-time readers not want to continue the series because there is not much detail in the first book.

Overall, I really do love this book, despite some of the minor issues with it. It’s short, cute, funny, and entertaining. I think the reason I really love this book is because of how cliche it is c: i’m giving this book 4.5 out of 5 coffee creamers because of the lack of detail and depth.

This book is really cute and if you’re looking for a quick and light read, I totally recommend it! :)