Facebook Group!

Just a quick update for you guys! I’ve finished some books recently so expect reviews on those within the next two weeks!! And on another note, I made a Facebook group!! It’s for anyone who just wants to discuss books so feel free to join :D You can find the group HERE.


Any suggestions?

So, I was just wondering if you guys have any suggestions for what I do on my blog? I feel like just posting reviews can be boring and repetitive, however I’m struggling as to what else to do. I’m a bit nervous to just throw something out there so do guys suggest anything? Also, try to make it related to books because this is a book blog after all. Thanks guys!! :)

For Anyone Who Is Curious

If anyone was curious about my writing that I do you can feel free to check it out if you would like. If you want, read my stories and tell me what you think of them :) you can email me your thoughts or if you have a Wattpad account, leave your thoughts on there :) you can find my writing HERE


Also, if I did a small giveaway just to start off what would you guys think of that? It probably wouldn’t be anything signed (not for the first couple giveaways at least) but I have a few books I’d put up for a giveaway :) I’m not sure; I’m fairly new to blogging, let alone doing giveaways.

Anywho, let me know what guys think! Thanks so much :)

~Ashley <3

Important Information!!

So I have some exciting news!! Well, exciting for me lol. I recently created a Facebook page for this blog :) Please go like it. It would mean a lot to me. I also created a twitter as well.





On another note, I am currently reading the book Paper Towns by John Green so you can expect a review for that book shortly :)